Zoning Systems Boost Comfort And Savings, Without Having To Design A New HVAC System

You’ve probably noticed that your house is rarely, if ever, at a consistent temperature throughout the home no matter how you set the thermostat. Certain areas of your home are probably warmer or cooler than others. That is because the reading on the thermostat is only the temperature at the thermostat. It is not a true reading of the temperature house-wide.

It is practically impossible for one thermostat to evenly cool or warm a home. This is for a number of reasons. Heat rises, so second or third levels will be hotter than the main level. Basements will also usually be cooler. In addition to this, the placement of windows in your home can cause certain areas to be warmer than others. Lofts, vaulted ceilings and other features can also contribute to the uneven distribution of heat and air.

Zoning systems allow you to control the temperature of various areas of your home by using multiple thermostats rather than just one. These thermostats are connected to a control panel operating various dampers in your system. These dampers allow distribution of heat and air to selected parts of the home.

Zoning systems allow everyone in the home to be comfortable while saving you money. Oftentimes, one family member prefers a cooler temperature while another prefers it warmer. Because this system allows you to control the comfort level of various zones in your house, you don’t waste money pumping warm or cool air to places that do not need it, and you can program it to comfort levels that suit everyone.

If your living habits change, system adjustments may be needed. Otherwise, no maintenance is required. Zoning systems can be installed in an existing home or in a new home.

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