Ways To Dramatically Increase HVAC Efficiency

Reducing energy use reduces your utility costs, while keeping your home comfortable. You could save up to 30 percent, and sometimes more, by increasing energy efficiency. There are several key ways you can reduce spending year after year, while enjoying cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter.

Start by finding and repairing leaks in your home. Check for gaps along the edges of floors, along baseboards and along the ceiling. Look for leakage around air conditioners (window mounted or wall units), around windows, electrical outlets, light or other switch plates, and around pipes and wires. Also, check attic hatches and fireplace dampers. Be sure that there is proper — undamaged — weather stripping installed on doors and windows, and make sure that caulking is not damaged.

Also, inspect the outside of your home for holes or cracks in the siding and foundation, as well as in the mortar. Check for openings around pipes, faucets, electrical outlets and wiring. Fill holes and caulk them. Look at the caulking around the exterior of windows and doors, and be sure that doors, including storm doors, provide a tight seal.

Replace your air filter regularly and have your equipment inspected, cleaned and maintained at least once a year. Having your system regularly serviced ensures peak efficiency and significantly reduces the cost of repairs and replacements.

Is your home properly insulated? Test the insulation level of your attic and your walls. Check to see if the attic hatch is heavily insulated and has weather stripping. Look for a vapor barrier under the insulation in the attic. Seal any electrical boxes with a flexible caulk and make sure attic vents aren’t blocked.

Lighting is approximately 10 percent of your utility bill. Replace high-watt light bulbs with a lower wattage, or consider replacing light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

These changes and repairs will greatly increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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