Understanding the Dos and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal Maintenance

The garbage disposal is a lifesaver when it comes to disposing of food quickly and easily. However, like any other mechanical device, you need to take good care of your garbage disposal if you want it to keep working well for years to come. Follow these garbage disposal maintenance dos and don’ts. Then, contact a pro if you need additional help maintaining or repairing your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Dos

  • Send ice cubes and citrus peels down the sink: Ice cubes help dislodge debris that gum up the blades. Lime, lemon and orange peels clean the garbage disposal further and leave a clean scent behind.
  • Keep water running while you grind food: A strong flow of cold water while the blades churn helps grind up food and send it on its way. Never run the garbage disposal without water running, and leave the water on for a few seconds after flipping the switch to flush all particles out of the drain.
  • Cut large objects into smaller pieces: If you have a lot of debris to grind up, cut up individual pieces into smaller chunks and send them down a few at a time. This prevents overwhelming and potentially jamming the blades.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Don’ts

  • Never pour grease down the sink: It’s a common mistake. Hot grease is a liquid, so why can’t it go down the drain? Once cool, grease solidifies into a mush that can back up your plumbing if you pour it down the sink.
  • Never put non-food items in the garage disposal: Rubber bands, twist ties, strings, sponges, cigarette butts and flower stems don’t belong in the sink. Place these items in the trash to avoid jamming the garbage disposal.
  • Never stick your hand down the kitchen drain: If something falls inside, unplug the garbage disposal before feeling around. Even then, use needle-nose pliers or a bent coat hanger to retrieve the item.

Despite your best efforts, your garbage disposal may still break down. If you need additional help caring for or fixing your garbage disposal, please contact Beyer Boys in San Antonio today.

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