Tips for Preventing Clogged Toilets Your San Antonio Home

Clogged toilets are messy, smelly and inconvenient. They can even damage your floor and pipes, resulting in costly repairs. As such, you can follow these five tips for preventing clogged toilets, so your plumbing remains clear.

Only Flush Flushable Objects

It’s obvious some objects don’t belong in the toilet, but you may feel a little uncertain about other items. Just remember, only toilet paper and waste should go in the toilet bowl. Everything else – such as facial tissues, paper towels, baby wipes, diapers and cotton balls – belongs in the garbage.

Keep a Trash Can Handy

Place a small trash can by the toilet, so you’re not tempted to flush non-flushable items. Line your can with a plastic grocery bag for easy disposal. You can keep spare bags in your bathroom cupboard to prevent garbage from piling up.

Flush Twice

If you add any toilet paper to your bowl after flushing, make sure to flush again. This is a great tip for preventing clogged toilets and avoiding single, large flushes.

Use Light Toilet Paper

Thick, plush toilet paper is a significant contributor to clogs. Switch to lighter paper and strive to use less with each visit to the bathroom. These efforts can reduce the number of clogs you experience and help cut down on costs.

Teach Your Kids to Leave the Toilet Alone

Children like to send action figures for a swim or unravel a whole roll of toilet paper into the bowl just to see what will happen. When they’re too young to understand, don’t take any risks — keep your bathroom door closed at all times, so your kids can’t venture in and make a mess. As they get older, teach your children proper toilet protocol to help prevent clogs and keep little hands from spreading germs around the home.

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