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Rheem or Ruud RA1660AJ1NARCF6024STR802VA125524MSA RA16 Classic Air Conditioner w/Aluminum Cased Coil and Gas Furnace
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Rheem/Ruud 5 Ton Air Conditioner System Step Up the Cool Quotient

Keep your spirits high even as the sun beats down on you with the Rheem/Ruud Air Conditioner w/ Aluminum Coil and Gas Furnace. Energy-conscious cooling, smooth refrigerant transfers and the option of using natural gas all come together in this system. The gas furnace that comes with this air conditioner system is 34' tall for space-constrained installations. Available in a 5 ton capacity and with a 16 SEER rating, this AC is driven by a scroll compressor and a single-row condenser coil. A two-fastener removable corner allows quick access to internal components for faster maintenance. Rust-free screws and a coat of powder paint extend device durability. Sporting an all-aluminum structure, the hardy RCF coil is available for 4-way airflow and comes with drain and sweat refrigerant connections to ease setup. A heat-resistant, corrosion-free drain pan removes condensate without making a mess. Operating in 2 stages for optimum comfort, the R96 gas furnace goes beyond electricity so you can bring home an energy-efficient cooling solution.

This System Includes

Rheem/Ruud Classic 5 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner (RA1660AJ1NA)

Rheem/Ruud 5 Ton 24' Multi-Position Cased Coil (RCF6024STAMCA)

Rheem/Ruud Prestige 80% AFUE Two-Stage Gas Furnace (R802VA125524MSA)

When at Work

Delivering a 5 ton capacity, this Rheem/Ruud air conditioner weathers temperature extremes while the 80% AFUE rated gas furnace works in two stages to maximize comfort and control energy usage.

Easy Does it

The AC does not eat into your time when it comes to repairs as the two-fastener removable corner provides quick access to internal components. Made of aluminum fins bonded to grooved tubing, the coil is highly durable and checked for leaks, while the 34' furnace cabinet fits in tight spaces.

Eyeing Performance

The fastener-free composite base pan and fan orifices of the AC are handy to reduce unit sound. A corrosion-free condensate drain and sweat refrigerant connections lend the coil flexibility while the furnace has a variable-speed motor that controls humidity and reduces operational noise.

Energy Check

The 16 SEER rating gives you an idea of energy savings while the chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant delivers environment-conscious performance.

5 Ton Capacity, 16 SEER Air Con|Aluminum Coil with Condensate Drain|Furnace with Variable Speed Motor|Removable Heat Exchanger|Curved Louver Panels
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Appliance Features:

Refrigerant TypeR-410A


Color FamilyGray

Certifications & Ratings:

SEER Ratingup to 16

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