Need to Replace a Sink Pipe? Here’s How to Complete the Job Quickly

You might be able to replace a sink pipe yourself, but lying on your back with your head stuck under a sink cabinet that’s probably wet from water leakage, hardly sounds like a fun time. Replacing a sink pipe isn’t exactly brain surgery, but if your time and composure have any value, consider calling a qualified professional plumber to handle the problem. Either way, here’s what’s involved in replacing a sink pipe:

  • Your plumber will inspect your basic pipe configuration and joints, as well as measure segment lengths in order to supply the correct replacements.
  • First, the P-trap will be removed from the sink pipe, as well as the drain pipe, which normally extends out from the wall. Plastic coupling nuts can often be loosened by hand. Older metal nuts, however, may require large slip-joint pliers and penetrating lubricant to remove.
  • After the P-trap is removed and drained, it will be inspected for defects or corrosion. Your plumber will also temporarily plug the drain pipe leading into your wall with a rag to prevent infiltration of sewer gases into your home.
  • At the underside of your sink, your technician will loosen the nut securing the sink drain pipe extending from the bottom of the sink basket. After the nut is removed, the drain pipe can be pulled off the sink basket.
  • Reassembly involves replacing the defective sink pipe with a new one. Oftentimes, the replacement pipe will have to be cut to length with a hacksaw so that it interfaces properly with the P-trap.
  • After the new pipe is secured with the nut at the sink basket, the P-trap can be installed between the new pipe and the existing drain pipe. Then, it can be secured by tightening the coupling nuts.
  • After shutoff valves are turned on, all joints are checked for leaks.

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