How Long Should a Water Heater Last For?

The average service life of a new water heater is around 10 years. This makes water heaters one of the most frequently replaced household appliances. Can you make yours last longer than 10 years? Maybe. Can you shorten its expected lifespan by neglecting regular maintenance? Definitely.

The service life of your water heater varies according to the quality of water it heats, its average daily hours of usage and whether it’s regularly maintained by a qualified plumber.

Hard water contains dissolved calcium carbonate that solidifies when heated. As sediment increasingly accumulates and hardens at the bottom of your heater, the burner will run longer cycles to heat water, stressing all components, including your tank. Tank corrosion, as well as deterioration of your burner and other components can substantially reduce water heater life expectancy.

What You Can Do

Purchase a quality product from a major manufacturer and have it installed and maintained regularly by a professional plumber. He’ll make sure your heater is correctly sized for your home. This means your unit’s capacity and BTU output will be more-than-sufficient at keeping up with your home’s hot water demand.

What a Professional Will Do

  • Drain and flush your tank to remove hard water sediment. If calcium carbonate sediment is flushed out before it solidifies, damage to your tank is minimized.
  • Check for proper operation of your temperature and pressure relief valve. This important component can protect your home and heater by ensuring excessive heat and pressure don’t damage your unit.
  • Inspect the anode. Installed inside the tank, your anode attracts naturally-occurring corrosive substances in the water and prevents them from deteriorating your tank. Over time, the anode may lose its effectiveness and require replacement.
  • Adjust the temperature. While water heaters can be set to higher temperature levels, in most cases, the thermostat setting should be 120 degrees or lower to reduce scalding hazard and maximize energy efficiency.

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