Got a Leak Under Your Sink? Find a Pro to Fix the Problem

Many people think that plumbing repairs are easy fixes and hesitate to call a professional when a problem arises. The fact is, without the proper tools and experience, a simple leak under your sink can turn into a job that costs significantly more.

Simply over-tightening a fitting can cause damage that can cause water to seep into your cabinet, swelling the fabrication materials, causing mold growth and if you have a finished basement, it can damage the ceiling. When you consider the cost to repair all of the potential damage that may occur, hiring a professional makes good sense.

There are several things that can cause a leak under your sink. If you see a constant drip, a pressurized water line or a water valve that needs replacement may be causing the problem. If you don’t see active water loss, it’s possible the water is leaking from your drain in your sink or from the drain pipes underneath.

While it’s possible to fix these issues on your own, it’s not recommended since a professional will have the proper training on how to seal the components in your water supply and drainage system. They also have specialty tools designed to fit into small or tight spaces found under your sink.

If you wish to save some time and money when the plumber arrives to repair the leak under your sink, clean out the cabinet and make sure there’s nothing in the sink or nearby that will be in their way while they’re working. If you’re prepared for the professional and they don’t have to wait while you clear things away, the job will not take as long.

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