Find a Pro to Fix Your Garbage Disposal Leak

A typical garbage disposal leak contains a mix of waste water and pulverized food matter. You don’t want this dripping into your kitchen cabinet. However, disposals contain dangerous rotating blades and utilize electricity, so you shouldn’t carry out a DIY diagnosis or repair.

Instead, contact a professional plumber ASAP if you have a garbage disposal leak. He’ll quickly narrow down your problem to one of these common issues:

Broken Drain Pipe

The PVC drain pipe that connects to the side of your unit may rupture after years of vibration. A broken drain pipe will leak every time you run water into your disposal, whether it’s turned on or not. Usually leakage is very conspicuous. The good news is that your plumber can probably replace your drain pipe without having to remove the disposal from its sink mounting.

Loose Mounting

Disposals are mounted into the flange on the underside of sinks by rotating locking cams. Vibration may loosen this connection and allow drain water to leak between the flange and the disposal. A plumber can remove your disposal, tighten the flange screws, and then reinstall your unit.

Another potential cause of leakage at the top of your disposal is the rubber gasket between the disposal and sink bottom. Replacing this gasket is a typical procedure if you’re re-securing a loose flange mounting.

Putty Issues

Sink seepage may occur if the putty sealing the top side of your sink flange has deteriorated. If this is the case, you’ll have to remove your disposal and flange, but the leak should be easily corrected by applying new sealant.

Dishwasher Connection

Dishwasher waste water also flows through your garbage disposal. If the clamp securing your drain hose to the disposal is loose — or the drain hose itself is defective — leakage can occur whenever your dishwasher’s running.

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