Common Reasons Your Pipes Are Making a Banging Noise

Plumbing pipes may not always be seen, but they’re frequently heard. Clanging, banging, rattling and hammering sounds from water supply lines are not an uncommon occurrence in many homes. Since most of your supply lines aren’t accessible for DIY projects, you’ll usually require the services of a professional plumber to quiet pipe noises. Here are some issues that might be addressed:

Elevated Pressure

Municipal water pressure is usually too high for typical residential plumbing. This is why there’s a pressure regulator at your water meter. If your valve’s defective or needs to be re-set, excessive water pressure may be the cause of pipe movement and noise. Contact a plumber to get a pressure reading inside your home and have the regulator adjusted or replaced.

Unstable Plumbing

Water supply lines routed through your walls, ceiling and crawlspace are attached to structural members for stability. As time goes by, these brackets loosen under the stress and can no longer hold the pipe securely. Water pressure coursing through your plumbing can cause rattling and shaking noises throughout your entire system.

Your technician will know where your plumbing has loosened and take appropriate steps to secure it. He may also add cushioning in specific areas of contact between your home’s plumbing and structure.

Water Hammer

If a strong flow of water through your pipe stops suddenly, a shock wave can often inducing strong shaking sensations. The loud hammering noise that results from this is often associated with older homes.

Newer homes typically incorporate water hammer arrestors that incorporate an air chamber to buffer the shock forces that cause hammering. Your plumber can evaluate whether your home requires these water hammer arrestors and install them if necessary.

If you’re hearing noises coming from your pipes, ask the professionals at Beyer Boys about pinpointing the cause and cures.

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