A/C Preventive Maintenance Now For A Cool Summer

Preventive maintenance for an air conditioning system is critical to its health and life expectancy. When you schedule preventive maintenance with an experienced contractor, expect him or her to clean or adjust:

  • Coils. Clean coils mean a healthy system. Older systems in particular are prone to buildup on coils. A professional cleaning extends the life of the system and increases efficiency.
  • Ducts. Essential to the efficient delivery of conditioned air, a contractor will inspect ducts for air flow blockages and leaks.
  • Condensation lines and trays. Any blockages or clogging in condensation lines means water is backing up in the system, which can lead to leaks and humid conditions in the home.
  • Electrical Components. Significant hazards result from damaged electrical lines or corroded parts. A contractor should also check that the voltage on the motor is correct.
  • Power. A system should run at its peak capacity, and a contractor will ensure that the air conditioning system is fully operational.
  • Refrigerant. Appropriate levels of refrigerant give you the most efficient results. Low or high refrigerant levels negatively impact efficiency and life expectancy.
  • Blower. The blower is critical to delivering that efficiently produced cool air from the A/C for maximum comfort.
  • Lubrication. Because parts within the motor of the equipment move, it’s necessary to decrease friction so the system operates without using extra electricity.
  • Settings. A contractor will also inspect the thermostat settings and make sure the system operates at the desired temperature. The controls should safely cycle the system on and off as well.

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